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Player who beat up referee fined €100, barred from ground for one year

26-year-old Antoine Camilleri has been fined 100 euro and ordered to keep away from a football ground for a one-year period, after being arraigned in the Gozo Court and charged with assaulting 19-year-old Andrea Pavia, who was an assistant referee during a football match in Gozo.

During the match, Antoine Camilleri tried to assault the referee, and after not succeeding, turned on the assistant referee, punched him twice in the face, threw him to the ground and continued to kick him in the chest.

The game was between first-placed Sannat Lions and second-placed Oratory Youths. Camilleri is a Sannat player and was ordered off the pitch in the last moments after he lost his cool. As a result of the fracas, the game ended up being abandoned.

Camilleri pleaded guilty to the charges. He was also ordered not to approach Pavia as well as the match referee.

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