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Malta to reopen its embassy and consulate in Libya

Prime Minister Robert Abela met with Libya’s National Unity Government Prime Minister, Abdul Hamid Dbeibah.

The Prime Minister’s delegation visiting Tripoli discussed various issues of interest to the two countries, among others in the sectors of the economy, security and immigration.

During the meeting with Prime Minister Dbeibah, Prime Minister Abela remarked how Libya and Malta remained important partners, while expressing his satisfaction that Malta will be re-opening its embassy and consulate in the Libyan capital, Tripoli. He stated that Malta looks forward to the resumption of direct flights between the two countries when the situation permits.

Prime Minister Abela spoke on how the Maltese government looks forward to work with the Libyan government in efforts so that Libya returns to normality immediately. He reiterated that the Maltese government will diplomatically assist Libya to purchase anti-Covid vaccine doses.

He explained the support for a Libya led by Libyans, in peace, as a strong country which lives in prosperity.

“A Libya that lives in prosperity and peace also means that the Mediterranean and Europe will also live in prosperity”, the Prime Minister said, adding that the Maltese government believes that the international community should assist, and not interfere, in the process for the rebuilding of Libya.

In this context, the Prime Minister said, the Maltese government will continue to deliver the Libyan people’s voice in European Union fora.

In Libya, the Maltese Prime Minister also met with President Mohammad Younes Menfi.

The Prime Minister’s delegation also included Foreign and European Affairs Minister Evarist Bartolo, Interior Minister Byron Camilleri and Finance and Labour Minister Clyde Caruana.