PM addresses discussion during technology summit in Paris

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said that current developments in technology are not related only with financial services, such as blockchain and cryptocurrency but also on the fight against the dissemination of misinformation, which is an issue that threatens democracy.

Dr Muscat was speaking during a dinner occasion at the Elysee Palace on the invitation of French President, Emanuel Macron, on how technology may be used for strengthening of democracy and the way Governments operate. Dr Muscat was invited in the wake of developments occurring in Malta in the blockchain sector.

Later on, Prime Minister Muscat participated in a debate on digital identity in the first GovTech Summit and, among others, he was asked how the Maltese Government managed to create a legislative framework on Disruptive Ledger Technologies in such an innovative and dynamic sector, with Dr Muscat saying that the Government selected a model based on certainty and that provides rest of mind to consumers, those using the service and investors.

Prime Minister Muscat will later on travel to Palermo where he will participate in a high level meeting on Libya.

Watch the Prime Minister’s comments:

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