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PM and his wife to sue Caruana Galizia and PN media for libel “for worst lie in political history”

The PM Joseph Muscat has categorically denied the allegations made by Daphne Caruana Galizia who said that shares in the company Egrant were being held by Mossack Fonseca in the name of his wife, Mrs  Michelle Muscat.

In a press conference from Castille, Dr Musct said that this is the worst lie in the country’s political history. He said that neither he nor his wife have, or have ever had, an account or company which is not declared, either in Malta or abroad, nor have they ever signed any documents to transfer the shares of any such company. The PM said that he and his wife will be taking legal action against Mrs Caruana Galizia and the PN media.

“I cannot just let a lie like this go by, especially when it is being repeated in such an irresponsible and unethical way by the Opposition Leader himself, as well as his media,” said Dr Muscat.

He said that when he had decided to enter politics, both he and his wife had decided to file as few libel suits as possible. In fact, in nine years he has only filed one libel suit, because he did not want to pay attention to the lies, even though he said Caruana Galizia has often lied about him and his family.

The PM expressed his concern that if there are those willing to fabricate such rumours, nothing will stop them from falsifying or fabricating financial documents to dent the reputation of the country.

He challenged anyone who had any form of proof to indicate that he was lying, to pass it on to the police.

“I repeat that I am challenging, in the most public and unequivocal way possible, not only the Leader of the Opposition but also Mrs Caruana Galizia, that whoever has any information or the slightest bit of evidence about this obscene lie to come forward.  I repeat that I expect to see full authentication of everything which may be said. I am asking this in the most serious way possible and with a sense of responsibility,” Dr Muscat said.

Dr Muscat said that if the rumours which are being invented by Daphne Caruana Galicia were true, he was convinced that that the International Consortium of Journalists would have published them a year ago, as they had done with other Prime Ministers such as the one from Iceland, because they would have had concrete proof of this.

Dr Muscat said that this shows how what is being fabricated about him and his wife is an obscene lie. Dr Muscat said that politics is not won through lies, and if the Leader of the Opposition thinks he is going to upset him, he is mistaken.

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