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PM and Theresa May agree that Maltese in UK are not negatively affected by Brexit

The Maltese Government is considering to open an embassy in Japan, in other Asian countries and also in Central America.

This was announced by Prime Minister, Joseph Muscat, when replying to questions following a statement in Parliament on the European Council meeting which discussed Brexit and the ASEM Asian countries meeting.

On the United Kingdom’s exit from the EU, even if agreement is not reached between both sides, the Prime Minister stated that there is a will between Malta and the UK to reactivate the old agreements between the two countries. Apart from this, talks will be held for a more comprehensive agreement on various sectors. The United Kingdom has already assured the Maltese Government that, whatever happens, nothing will be changed in the health sector agreement.

Prime Minister Muscat, who was replying also to questions by the Opposition Leader Adrian Delia, said that during his meeting with British Prime Minister Theresa May there is a will on both sides that with Brexit, Maltese citizens in the UK and Britons in Malta will not go through unpleasant circumstances. The European Union left it to the members states discretion to register British citizens in their countries with the aim of certainty in these countries, including in Malta.

The Prime Minister also said that the Maltese Customs is well prepared in case of Brexit, while Maltese companies whose main market is the United Kingdom have been identified to be granted the financial instrument that assists them to adapt to the new situation.

Regarding the border issue between the Irish Republic and Northern Ireland, the Prime Minister said that while the issue is a fundamental political one, a technical solution on the matter is needed.

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