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PM announces General Election for 3rd of June – “I am not ready to sacrifice the successes for those ready for everything to achieve power”

Addressing a Worker’s Day mass meeting in Castille square, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said that a few while ago he informed the President of the Republic and today he will visit her to dissolve Parliament and call a General Election for Saturday, the 3rd of June.

Prime Minister Muscat said that he is ready to face judgement of the people because he is serene as he has peace in his heart, and serenity coming from the fact that the Government worked night and day for the country because he thirst to bring the country as the best in Europe. Therefore, he said, he has no reason to drag on and was ready to take a simple decision that either move forward or backwards, either jobs or unemployment, either an economy that moves forward or a stagnation as was previously the case. He added he is ready for the decision because he wants to move forward so that the people together advance to the rest of the road, the road to success, as the best country in Europe.

The Prime Minister said that it is true that the Government lost eight months, but if the people will renew its confidence to the Labour Party, the country will enjoy five other years to continue to implement the dream of a people, as in the past four years, 85% of the electoral pledges were implemented, there are more to be done and will be implemented. Dr Muscat said under this Government one waits a little bit, but under previous administration people received nothing as they ignore your pleas. The Prime Minister said he took the decision because he doesn’t want to give space to what is being described as a coalition that destroys the country. He added he will not permit this coalition of confusion to bring the economy in a situation where jobs are threatened. He said that the only common thing between those running the coalition is they are against him. Dr Muscat said he is not ready to sacrifice what was achieved in the past four years, saying these are people who are ready to do everything for power.

He referred to the attacks during the last day, and there were those who feared he will be sent to prison, and stated he does not fear because he is clean, and he who is clean does not fear. He said he has the truth, because he has a silent majority. The Maltese people do not want extremist behaviour. Dr Muscat said that his duty is not only to protect his family but to protect the country, those who lose their heads on a piece of sms and shoots at his own legs and has now joined those spreading her arguments on Facebook. He stated that for Simon Busuttil, those who do not agree with him are sent to prison, and said he will not permit this and will defend everyone.

He added that Simon Busuttil is politically in despair and is doing everything, is affecting the rhythm of the country’s economy. He will not permit that the economy becomes a victim of Simon Busuttil’s political delusion, but will continue to defend jobs, more wealth for Malta and Gozo, and will not permit a single job to be lost due to the uncertainty being created by others. He wants that students and pensioners have a future.

During his speech, Dr Muscat pledged political stability, to offer more jobs, more wealth and more equality for all the Maltese and Gozitans, a world-class education for our children, more importance to the environment and open spaces, work to the youths, a new economic miracle in Malta and Gozo, a better balance between the country’s life, and more felt security.

He said that during this legislature he kept his word and during the next legislature, he will do the same. He stated that the people can rest their minds with the Government’s team on jobs, stability, while with others confusion will reign. Dr Muscat said he took this decision with great responsibility towards the people. He said he called the election when the country is heading in the best time for the families and businesses, but said the coalition of confusion will destroy what has been achieved.  He said the choice is between whether the people wants a Prime Minister who brings work to the country, and far from other arguments, every Maltese and Gozitan will have one choice, either Joseph Muscat or Simon Busuttil.

He said he has a dream for the country, and together with the people this dream will be implemented and becomes a reality.


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