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PM announces that airport will reopen on 1st July, multi-million budget to stimulate the economy

Prime Minister and Labour leader Robert Abela announced that the Government will be presenting a special budget, which he described as multi-million, on 8 June, through which it will continue to distribute wealth, rather than take back anything. Dr Abela said the coming weeks will be exciting ones for the country as they will mean a return to normality with more relaxation of restrictions, starting from next week. The Prime Minister also announced that the airport will re-open on 1 July for commercial flights.

Interviewed on the Labour Party media, the Prime Minister announced that apart from the normal budget which is announced in October, the Government will present a special budget on 8 June. Dr Abela added that in this budget the Government will not be taking back what it had already handed out, but rather, it would continue to distribute wealth and incentivise the economy and consumption.

The Prime Minister promised that this would be a good budget, the likes of which the country has never seen, a budget which will not incentivise laziness but rather, diligence, as well as showing the Government’s appreciation of businesses which have never been so resilient. Dr Abela noted that even during the pandemic, bank deposits increased by many millions.

The Prime Minister announced that protocols will be announced on Monday to safeguard health, and more outlets including bars and gyms will be allowed to re-open as from Friday, as well as the Court, with the country continuing to move towards normality. Referring to the airport and ports, Dr Abela said these will start operating again from 1 July with normal measures and precautions.

The Prime Minister also announced that amnesty is being considered for fines applied to certain individuals as a result of measures introduced because of Covid-19 when groups got together in numbers in contravention of a Legal Notice. Dr Abela said a mechanism would be introduced for those who had been fined because of a genuine mistake, including some persons who had been fined when buying flowers near the cemetery for Mother’s Day.

Referring to the outcome of the magisterial inquiry in connection with the case instituted by Repubblika, and which showed the allegations were baseless, Dr Abela said he could neither forget nor forgive the Nationalist Party Spokesman for Justice, Jason Azzopardi, who had started the action so that himself, the Armed Forces Commander and a group of soldiers would end up with a life sentence, and this without even verifying the facts.

Dr Abela declared that Jason Azzopardi and those with whom he plotted believed they had the right to rule. The Prime Minister appealed to the Repubblika group not to let themselves be used for ulterior motives, and to continue working as civil society and further stated that in regard to Repubblika he agreed on some points and disagreed on others. Dr Abela said he expects the Nationalist leader to pronounce himself on this case, and not to continue selling his soul to a faction, and also to take a strong stand and declare his non-acceptance of these situations.

The Labour leader said Dr Delia is only thinking in terms of an early general election, and this at a time when the country needs stability. Dr Abela added that the Government will continue with its mandate to its end.

Referring to his visit to Libya, Dr Abela said the Government had taken a strategic direction, first and foremost so that no more lives would be lost. The Prime Minister stated that Malta has to be a bridge between Europe and Libya, and also for finding solutions to the migration issue as well as for Malta to be given the treatment it deserves.





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