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PM announces that medical marijuana will be available from February of next year

During the latest activity in the series of Gvern li Jisma’ (A Government that Listens), Prime Minister Dr Joseph Muscat announced that in February of next year, medical marijuana will be available to the public.

Dr Muscat said that the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia was the worst chapter which has ever happened since he became Prime Minister. Dr Muscat also said that once people are arraigned in Court, the compilation of evidence is not expected to take very long.

Prime Minister Muscat said that it was his duty to  inform the public about the arrests of people who were allegedly responsible for the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia. Dr Muscat said he believes that on Monday the Government had managed to maintain a balance between respecting the laws of the country and providing the public with the information it had a right to know. He asked the public to be patient and to wait for the judicial process to take its course. Dr Muscat said that as the PM, he  had issued the warrants to tap the phones of those involved in the case. Asked whether the work of the police and armed forces in this case were ‘staged’, the PM said that, on the contrary, the operation had been carefully planned and was not staged, because the people involved were well-known to the police, and that the operation needed to be filmed because of the sensitivity of the case.

Medical marijuana to be available for sale as from February

Questioned about when medical marijuana will be available for sale, Dr Muscat said that it would be available as from February of next year, after the law is passed.  Dr Muscat said that apart from the massive project in Marsa, the maintenance work which was promised on all the roads over a period of seven years will soon start. Electrical wires attached to balconies will also be taken down  He also spoke about the introduction of the point system for the driving licence which will be more just, and explained that whoever flagrantly breaches traffic regulations can lose their licence, which will mean saving the lives of those who drive and of potential victims.

The PM said that the surplus is being used to carry out various projects within the community to benefit people with a disability, and that employment for people with a disability has more than doubled.

Air Malta staff to receive increase in salary

The PM also spoke about Air Malta, a company which has seen great changes over the last few months, and he appealed to the Unions representing the staff to be clear with their members, and tell them that they will see an increase in their salaries. These changes are aimed to see Air Malta grow and become a profitable company.

Dr Muscat then referred to embryo freezing on which there is already a principle in the law, and on which further discussion is needed, with parents who use this method being given an element of responsibility, so that if the embryos are not used, the state can enter into the adoption of these embryos.

Asked about the problems facing those who have to rent, Dr Muscat said that the Government is addressing this problem by doubling the subsidies, and that discussions are currently under way to publish White Papers on the rental market so that tenants will have a number of assurances.

Proposal for young people to have their own rooms in hospital

Speaking about the removal of criminal libel, Dr Muscat said that whoever enters politics is subject to the public’s criticism. During this session, Dr Muscat also had a request for  young people between the ages of 16 – 21 to have their own rooms at Mater Dei hospital and he said he would be passing this consideration over to the Health Minister.

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