PM announces that tax refund cheques will start being sent today

PM Robert Abela has announced that, as from today, tax refund cheques will be distributed to no less than 250,000 people. This was announced during a public consultation session on the pre-budget document in Zabbar.

The Prime Minister said that the next Budget will follow the principle of not leaving anyone behind because the social sector is the backbone in which this Government believes. He pointed out that this Government has launched incentives such as Making Work Pay and free childcare. He also reminded the public that despite the pandemic, Malta has the least number of unemployed people and jobs have continued to be created, while other countries are still suffering from the consequences of the pandemic.

The Finance and Employment Minister Clyde Caruana gave an indication of the measures which will be announced in the next Budget. These include more resources for medicines and incentives for those who wish to keep working after they reach retirement age. He also mentioned the problem of rents, the purchase of property and family friendly measures.  The Government would also be addressing the victims and families of those who have been affected by asbestos.  Minister Caruana said the Government is not skirting the issue of rising prices which have been caused by the pandemic and will see how this can be controlled.

The Minister concluded that this Budget will provide a vision for the next few years, so that we can leave a better country for our children.