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PM appeals to Nationalist MEPs: “We are ready to work with you”

While addressing thousands of supporters who were in a festive mood in front of the Labour Party headquarters this afternoon, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat appealed to the MEPs who will be elected in the name of the Nationalist Party.

While congratulating the four MEPs who will elected in the name of the Labour Party, auguring that they will work hard in favour of Malta and in favour of Europe,  Dr Muscat also appealed to the prospective two Nationalist MEPs.

When he said this some parts of the crowd started to boo, however the PM stopped them and told them “they are Maltese as well”. It was here that the PM told the MEPs who will be elected in the name of the PN that the Labour Party was ready to work with them, and he appealed to them to be ready to work with the Labour MEPs as well.

He said that in this moment, someone else might think that with such a historic result, the Government would start treating people like dirt, however he said that instead, in this moment he was appealing for national unity. He appealed to Labour supporters to “reach out and shake hands with others once again” as members of a movement which promotes unity.

PM Muscat said that the Labour Party obtained more than 55% of the votes and a majority of 48,000 votes, while thanking the public for showing that they were with him, once again.

Speaking about the fact that the PL has elected four MEPs, the PM said that this was achieved through the unity which the party has sown, which needs to remain the crucial aim of this Movement, which he described as being “all of us”.

He said that the people have written Malta’s history together because there has never been a party or movement which has achieved the result which the PL achieved yesterday.

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