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PM at United Nations: Societal changes need to also ensure that no one falls behind

Prime Minister  Joseph Muscat has ended his visit to New York with a. speech at the UN General Assembly which reflected the theme by the UN about the targets of sustainable development.  He spoke about Malta’s achievements in civil rights and equality and its commitment to adopt the Convention for Children’s Rights.

At the beginning of his speech he also spoke about the various contradictions which exist in society.

“We are living in an era where whilst the individual is at the centre of the decision making process, the decisions that are being taken are not necessarily people oriented. Contradictory situations and outcomes are the order of the day,” said Dr Muscat.

Dr Muscat said that the changes in society need to ensure that no one falls behind.

“Because economic prosperity does not mean social injustice, and patriotism does not equate to isolationism,” he added.

Dr Muscat dedicated a major portion of his speech to Malta’s achievements for the LGBTIQ community which have been recognised by various international institutions, and even noted the changes in mentality in our society which is understanding that no one should be discriminated against. He said that this was done with conviction so that no one would be marginalised.

Speaking about equality, which is one of the main targets of sustainable development, Dr Muscat explained the measures which were taken for more women to participate in the economy, including free child care as well as the measures taken for the number of people depending on social benefits to be cut by half over the last six years.

The next step, the PM said, is to increase the participation of women in politics which will be of benefit to all of society. He also spoke about the rights of children with the plan for Malta to adopt in its totality the Convention for Children’s Rights.

“Our objective is to equip all children with the appropriate environment and tools that allow for the acquisition by all, of the necessary skills and talents for citizenship and employability, in the 21st century and beyond,” said Dr Muscat.

The PM ended his speech by saying that Malta was committed to reach its sustainable development targets to ensure a better future for the next generations.

You can watch the full speech here:

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