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Pledges loyalty to the new leader, will remain close to the people
Prime Minister Joseph Muscat addressed a crowd that gathered at Naxxar during which he said that “our work now is to look forward.” He stated that he is proud with this movement and in all this “we are greater than myself”.

Dr Muscat said that he shouldered what he had to and even shouldered more that he should have. He added that the movement did not start with him and will neither end with him.

Dr Muscat augured Dr Chris Fearne and Dr Robert Abela for their candidature for the Labour Party leadership and said we will have an exciting time. The Prime Minister stated that he feels comforted that he sees in the two candidates the capacity of maintaining unity.

Despite the storm, he added, the movement will remain united and will not end on the 12th January however will be strengthened from that moment onwards. Dr Muscat said he pledges his unconditional loyalty and pledged to the new leader the loyalty and space to work in order to lead as he wants. The Prime Minister said he will remain close to the people.

The two candidates for the Labour Party leadership, Chris Fearne and Robert Abela, shook hands as they arrived near the Naxxar Labour Centre, the first of three localities that the Prime Minister and Labour Leader, Joseph Muscat, will be visiting this morning.

During these political activities, with the theme ‘Joseph man-nies’, Dr Muscat will meet with residents to thank them for their support during the past 11 years of leadership of the Labour Party.


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