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PM looks ahead to appointment of Police Commissioner through new system

Prime Minister Robert Abela has spoken about the fact that the Police Corps is investigating itself, saying this showed how much the institutions were working. Dr Abela referred to this issue during a Castille meeting with officials from the UĦM Voice of the Workers. A number of other issues were raised during the meeting, among which public contracts and institutional reforms.

Dr Abela stated that the internal investigation into allegations regarding Police officers in the Traffic Branch shows the Government’s commitment to continue making strong decisions. Dr Abela added that the investigation shows the country’s institutions are working.

The Prime Minister stated that he looks ahead to the appointment of a new Commissioner of Police under the new system, and to reform within the Police Corps.

At the start of the meeting, Dr Abela also spoke about appointments in the Judiciary. The Prime Minister stated that amendments will be made to the process for appointments to the Judiciary, in conformity with the proposals of the Venice Commission.  Dr Abela added that the problem of long-drawn-out Court cases has also to be tackled.

Dr Abela further stated that every public contract has to be made with integrity and honesty, for the final benefit of all Maltese and Gozitans. All this, he added, should mean a guarantee of this Government’s seriousness.

UHM Chief Executive Josef Vella stressed, among others, on the need for equal pay for equal work, Government contracts and the function of the Auditor General.

Dr Abela pointed out that past public contracts had created wealth, but added that certain contracts had led to concerns. Regarding the UHM proposal for the Auditor-General to sift through public contracts before they are signed, the Prime Minister stated that the function of the Auditor-General is auditing rather than sifting.

Referring to trade unionism, Prime Minister Abela stated this was crucial to the country’s development. Dr Abela added that he seriously believed in it, as it creates wealth for both workers and employers. Dr Abela mentioned that the Government wanted to ensure the principle of equal pay for equal work would be safeguarded at law.

Prime Minister Abela stated that the ambitions of the Government and the people were for good budgets which distributed wealth aimed at ensuring a quality of life.

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