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PM: Malta has been given a historic chance . Let Lassine’s murder not be in vain

Prime Minister and Labor Party Leader Joseph Muscat has said that the time was ripe for a serious discussion about integration in order for everyone to feel equal. Dr Muscat said that this was the opportune moment in the aftermath of last week’s events which had shocked everyone to the core.

During a political activity at Ta ‘Giorni, Dr Muscat spoke about the shared equity scheme which he said would give renewed hope to those over 40 who found it difficult to take out a bank loan. Dr Muscat reminded his audience that even though the Labor Party had won the European Parliament elections five years ago by a majority of 33,000 votes it had still obtained 3 seats because a substantial part of the population had not voted for all the Labour Party candidates.

Dr Muscat said that he would readily accept the people’s verdict and urged the voting public to vote for him again.

Earlier, during another activity in Hamrun, Dr Muscat spoke again about the murder of Souleymane Cisse Lassine. Dr Muscat said that the Maltese people had been given a historic chance for this man’s life not to be lost in vain. He said that the Maltese wanted their laws to be observed, but did not accept a situation where a person is targeted and killed because of different skin colour.

He hoped that from this hatred, hope and love would be sown for the next generation to reap. The Prime Minister said that the key to overcoming hatred was integration and that while many contend that the country is flooded with foreigners, many of these same foreigners are working as carers and pharmacists because there aren’t enough workers to go round.

Dr Muscat also spoke about the role foreigners play in the economy. He said that employment for Maltese was guaranteed because factories were finding enough foreign workers. Muscat said that he still believed in Malta and that the killing of Souleymane could be used to bear fruit for years to come.

Dr Muscat talked about the investments made in education which were providing new opportunities to students. He referred to the € 10 million investment from the Citizenship Investment Scheme which would be used to renovate and rehabilitate all the Auberges and health centres.

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