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PM on money laundering and Moneyval’s draft report

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said that in talks with Moneyval experts within the Council of Europe he believes the Government will be able to achieve  good results for Malta with regards to the fight against money laundering.

He was replying to remarks by Opposition leader Adrian Delia who referred to a preliminary draft published in a local paper, in which it was stated that the Moneyval Commission expressed concern on the lack of action by the Government with regards to the fight against money laundering. He accused the Government and the institutions with failure in this sector.

The Prime Minister said that the Government has already published 50 unprecedented proposals regarding the financial services with amendments for various laws to be presented in the coming days. He added that the Government believes that it will receive a positive report, as happened in the case of the EFSA report regarding a similar subject.

While saying that this is a process, he stated that whoever issued the preliminary draft has no interest to see the process moving forward.


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