PM says getting vaccinated is a civic duty

Prime Minister and Labour Leader Robert Abela has stated that getting vaccinated is a civic duty and appealed to those who have still not been vaccinated to do so, thus enabling the country to continue on the road to normality.

Interviewed on One Radio on Sunday morning, Dr Abela said the vaccine is the solution, with living evidence of this being the numbers reported this week, as the great majority of infected persons had not been vaccinated.

Dr Abela expressed full confidence in the health sector, saying that if the health authorities give their blessing for children under age 12 to be vaccinated, he himself will be one of the first to get his daughter vaccinated.

Referring to the measures adopted on Friday, including the restricting of travel to Malta for those not fully vaccinated, Dr Abela remarked that Malta is the only country in the European Union to take this stand.

The Prime Minister also mentioned rules which become effective on Wednesday through a legal notice, including a disposition enabling Maltese persons presently abroad to return to Malta under the same rules applicable when they had left.

Dr Abela stated that the Public Health Superintendent will be empowered to give an exemption to those persons who cannot be vaccinated because of medical conditions. In light of this, Dr Abela appealed to the Opposition to forget partisan arguments and join forces with the Government to drive home the message that the vaccine is the solution.

In reference to the economy, Dr Abela expressed satisfaction at the European Commission forecast as well as that of the DBRS credit agency, adding that the latter had mentioned the vaccination plan and governmental reforms.

The Prime Minister added that the unemployment rate continued to drop and is at the lowest level when compared to recent years, whilst also mentioning property sales which have increased by 100 million euro in one month, industrial production which has gone up by 8%, and sales from outlets which have also increased by 22%. All this, the Prime Minister added, fills him with courage for the future.

Dr Abela criticised the Opposition Leader who he described as populist and taking decisions based on what he follows on social media, adding that the Nationalist Party is trapped in a narrative where everything happening in Malta is bad and negative.

Dr Abela added that this week the Labour Party continued to renew itself and share its thoughts for the future. The speaker further stated that the movement will remain a movement for the workers and employers, whilst continuing to practice a sense of prudence in every aspect of leadership.

The Prime Minister added that all wealth counts for nothing unless it is translated into improvements in the people’s quality of life.