UPDATED: PM says he has ordered that Vitals agreement be found by today

PM Robert Abela said he had given an order that the memorandum of understanding which was signed with Vitals Global Healthcare about the management of the three hospitals – St Luke’s Karin Grech and Gozo General hospital, had to be found by latest today.

“I made my position clear. That the document had to be found by latest today.” said the

In a report published a week ago, the Auditor General expressed the view that the agreement provided reasons for disqualifying VGH from tenders, and concluded that in the procedures used for the award of this concession there was a serious lack of governance and integrity. Dr Abela reiterated that he was not satisfied with what the Auditor General had found and stressed that this document should be provided to the Auditor.

The Prime Minister said a distinction had to be made between Vitals Global Healthcare and Steward, who took over the management of the three hospitals from the VGH. He said the government was still in talks with Steward Health Care to review the contract.

Asked about the European budget for the next seven years, which will be among the topics discussed at the summit of European leaders this weekend, Dr Abela said that the Government was committed to bringing the best package for Malta.

I am convinced that we will get the largest budget our country has ever had and these are important funds to continue to advance our country’s economic development.

In addition to the exorbitant 1 trillion euros of the European budget, a discussion on a € 750 billion recovery package is also expected in Brussels over the weekend to make up for the economic problems caused by the pandemic. .

On the issue the Opposition were facing, Dr Abela said that it was up to the Nationalist Party to see how to get itself out of the dead end.

You may follow here the whole comments by the Prime Minister to the media:

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