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PM says his successor needs all the space to carry out what he believes is best

Prime Minister and Labour leader Joseph Muscat has promised his unconditional support to the new leader of the Labour Party and has called on supporters to follow suit. Dr Muscat stated that the new leader will need plenty of space to carry out what he believes is best.

During a political activity at Ta’ Sannat, Dr Muscat said he was shouldering the burden for all the shortcomings and mistakes which had been made. The Prime Minister added that he had made the choice he had to make so that his successor will start afresh and build on the many good things that had been done. Dr Muscat stated that both candidates have a vision which will take the country forward, will retain the idea of a movement and will correct the mistakes that had been made whilst retaining the good that had been done.

Dr Muscat urged all members of the Labour Party to participate in the process for the choice of a new leader, adding that a strong signal should be given about the democracy which works within this movement. The Prime Minister stated that whilst this process had divided others once and for all, it will unite the movement more than ever before.

Dr Muscat declared that in public life one has to be tough. The Prime Minister stated that there were persons who had lied about him and his wife, but they had been prepared for all this. Dr Muscat added that the country did not need hatred, but rather, unity. The speaker stated that there were those who were protesting in a fair manner, whilst others were protesting unfairly. Dr Muscat added that he had no problem with protests being made in his regard, but stressed that protests should not be made against members of the disciplined corps who risk their lives and save hundreds of persons.

Dr Muscat stated that a Labour Government had started out in Government with a deficit and debts, but with goodwill and energy. The new Prime Minister, Dr Muscat added, will have another two and a half years to implement the electoral manifesto for which the people voted in strength in 2017. Dr Muscat added that he would not be leaving debts and deficit for the new Prime Minister, but rather, a surplus, strong finances and a Social and Economic Development Fund with six hundred million euro saved up. Dr Muscat stated that Labour Prime Ministers used to accumulate, whereas others tended to let everything go. Dr Muscat said he has the good fortune to be the first Labour Prime Minister who accumulated for the people, and he is certain that whoever replaces him will take care of these funds and use them wisely.

Dr Muscat stated that Gozo had become the natural home of progressive politics, adding that in recent years the Labour Party had transformed the country’s political map with a majority of Labour MPs for Gozo as well. And for the first time ever, Gozo even has a Gozitan MP in the European Parliament.

Dr Muscat declared that Government is creating unprecedented investment and work in Gozo for the Gozitans. The Prime Minister added that Gozo now has a centre for innovation, through which work will be created. Dr Muscat further stated that one of the top universities in Europe opted for Gozo rather than Malta to set up its medical school, adding that this had been done through political goodwill, and he was certain his successor would attract more investment to Gozo.

The two candidates for the Labour Party’s leadership post, Chris Fearne and Robert Abela, were also present.



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