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PM says Labour Party emerged stronger following election of new leader

In his first political activity as Prime Minister, which was held in Rabat, Gozo, Dr Robert Abela stated that contrary to other parties, the Labour Party has emerged stronger in the wake of the election for a new leader.

The Labour leader said Gozo will be in the forefront of Government’s efforts, adding that he wanted wealth to be distributed among everyone.

The Prime Minister stated that his first week at the country’s helm had been a busy one, in the course of which he had taken hard decisions which have begun restoring confidence, stability and normality. Dr Abela added that these were hard decisions, and they had been taken. Dr Abela added that he had seen and appreciated the people’s confidence in a tangible manner.

Speaking during a political activity in Gozo, Dr Abela declared that this week had been characterised by unity, as barely hours after the race for the leadership the party stood united, whilst others continued to fragment. The Prime Minister stated that the fact everyone is prepared to pull the same rope is clear evidence of the love for the party.

Referring to the appointment of the new Cabinet, Dr Abela said he felt proud, as there is zeal for work and the courage to move forward. The Prime Minister stated that Gozo will be at the forefront of Government’s efforts, adding that Gozo needs more foreign investment, as in the case with Barts Medical School. Dr Abela emphasised that the country can truly continue moving forward, particularly in Gozo.

Dr Abela spoke about his economic vision, which he described as pro-market. Whilst stressing on the stability needed for the economy, the Prime Minister said he is not going to wait for businesses to approach Government, but rather, he himself will be making approaches to the businesses communities.

On infrastructure, the Prime Minister reiterated that much has been done, but much more still remains to be done. Referring to sustainable development, Dr Abela explained that the environment should be safeguarded whilst development is carried out in an intelligent manner.

The Prime Minister stated that he wants to see that created wealth is distributed among everyone. This, Dr Abela added, is the Government’s ambition, and he needs everyone’s input for this to be achieved. Dr Abela further stated that although the country has gone through difficult moments, there are good times ahead, and we have already started living them.