PM says PL will remain open to ideas to continue renewing Malta

During a business breakfast organised by the Labour party with the team “Renewing Malta”, the PM and Leader of the Labour Party, Robert Bela said that the party will continue to be open to new ideas, with the aim of improving the quality of life for everyone, and in this way we can renew Malta together.

Dr Abela said the PL is holding this four-day conference aimed at building on the good which has already been done in the country, however with a determination to see where the country might have done better. Dr Abela said that we need to reflect about what kind of country we want in the future.

Dr Abela said that the people have chosen to keep renewing and moving forward, and the Government has never feared taking decisions and developing itself further . He spoke about Malta’s EU membership which has continued to grow and that under a Labour Government, national wealth has reached the European average. Contrary to all predictions, it managed to obtain the best package of European funds. He remarked how Malta is one of the ten richest economies in the EU and how the Government would continue to work on renewal and giving a better quality of life to the people.

The PM also referred to how over the last few years, a Labour Government saw the largest infrastructural projects in Malta working hand in hand with the environment, and how the Government spent more than one billion Euro on social justice. He spoke about Malta’s plan to focus more on environmental and digital reforms, and that this was praised by the President of the European Commission Ursula Von der Leyen, as one of the most ambitious environmental reforms in all of the EU.

Dr Abela said that the country needed a change from top to bottom, and the Malta is among the best in the world in its fight against the pandemic, an achievement with was also noted by the EC President, who also remarked on the successful vaccination programme of the entire Maltese population against Covid-19.

The PM said that the country needs to renew itself, and this would happen hand in hand with constituted bodies and workers in each sector, because only in this way can Malta renew itself in the future.