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PM says PN is afraid of democracy’s best tool which is the vote

The PM and Leader of the Labour Party, Joseph Muscat, says that the PN has not fielded enough candidates for the local councils in 23 localities in Malta and Gozo with the aim of discouraging people from going out to vote.

Dr Muscat said that among the localities in Gozo where not enough PN candidates are contesting there is Gharb, Xagħra and Ta’ Sannat. He described this behaviour as a cheap ploy which is leading people to go out and vote in even greater numbers because the PN is afraid of democracy’s best tool, which is the vote.

During a political activity at Ta’ Sannat, Dr Muscat said that this tactic means that 130,000 voters were not going to have a choice to elect the candidates they wish to their local councils. He added that he will continue to convince people to go out and vote because the PL has a manifesto for every locality with the aim of improving the residents’ quality of life.

Dr Muscat spoke about the incentive measures which the Government is taking to offer more work in Gozo for Gozitans. He said that the Government is giving €6,000 to companies in Gozo for every new job which is created. Dr Muscat explained that 32 companies have already benefited from this measure and 80 new jobs have been created.

Dr Muscat reiterated the Government’s promise to build the tunnel between the two islands while assuring the public that the project would fully respect the environment. While recognising the challenges of traffic which this project may bring, Dr Muscat said that the Government has begun to plan for this with the announcement that public transport for those travelling through the tunnel will be free.

The Labour Leader referred to a number of infrastructural projects which are being carried out in Gozo including the building of a new hospital and the Barts medical school. Dr Muscat said that his dream is that in the near future there will be Maltese people who will cross over to Gozo for work.  He said that this was the way to make the economy more sustainable.

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