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PM says that if it were up to him, he would publish full report on Egrant inquiry

Prime Minister and Leader of the Labour Party, Joseph Muscat, said that if it were up to him he would publish the findings of the full report on the Egrant inquiry, as quickly as possible. He said that he would take this decision despite the fact that the Courts have made it clear that even if the full report is published, it would not change anything from the conclusions which have already been published.

Speaking at a political activity in Luqa, Dr Muscat said that personally he has no problem with what the Opposition Leader said, that he would appeal the Court’s decision. He said that from the advice he has received from legal experts and the Attorney General, there is the danger that the publication of the full contents of this report would interfere with the investigations to establish who carried out what he described as the cowardly act of falsifying documents.

The Labour Leader said that despite the fact that he continues to play the victim, he wishes the Opposition Leader Simon Busuttil good health and happiness in his life and hopes that Dr Busuttil and his family will never have to go through half of what he and his family went through.  Dr Muscat said that he has the strength to tell him this because he has peace in his heart and and because the people have already given their judgement, and he was confident that they would show their confidence in him once again in the upcoming elections on 25 May.

Dr Muscat said that the crucial difference between the PL and the PN is not in their ideology, but in the way the two parties look at things. He said that the PL looks at Malta in a positive and constructive way, and the Government is not afraid of being judged by the people.  However, Dr Muscat said that if it were up to the Opposition there would not have even been any elections in 23 of the localities, and more than 100,000 people would not have voted. He said that the Opposition has pressed the panic button and is fabricating and creating issues which it knows do not exist.

On the other hand, he said that the PL does not use tactics which cause panic, by using divisive arguments between families, and it does not plant suspicions in people’s mind by trying to appeal to their tribal instincts in order to get them to vote. Dr Muscat said that the 14 candidates for the European Parliament are all candidates who, like him, want to unite Malta because they love the country, and not just when it suits them. He said that a vote for them is like a vote for Joseph Muscat and that it is with this kind of serenity that Labour supporters need to continue working in the best interest of the Maltese and Gozitans.