PN Leader says his letter to FATF appealed for Malta not to be grey-listed

Opposition and Nationalist Party Leader Bernard Grech stated that in his letter to the Financial Action Task Force he appealed for Malta not to be grey-listed, as many workers would be badly hit. Dr Grech promised that in Government, he would continue working for the country to regain its credibility. In a telephone link-up on NET FM, Dr Grech also spoke about a number of proposals being made by the Nationalist Party for the health sector.

Bernard Grech stated that as Leader of the Opposition he was already working to address the damage done to the country’s name. The PN leader said the fact that Malta had been subjected to the Financial Action Task Force test was a matter of concern, adding that the country should never have had to undergo this test.

Dr Grech declared that in light of the fact that three main countries felt they should vote for Malta to be placed on the grey list, he felt he had to write a letter in which he stated that the country cannot afford this, as many workers will be badly hit. Dr Grech promised that if the Nationalist Party is elected to Government, he will continue working for the country to regain its credibility.

Questioned about the Nationalist Party’s proposals for Gozo, the PN Leader replied that if it is elected, the party will take back control of the Gozo General Hospital from foreign hands. Dr Grech added it was not right for the people to continue paying millions without getting the service they deserve. The speaker said the Gozitans are angry because not only has the health service not improved but because it has regressed as the promised investment has not materialised.

On mental health, the Nationalist Leader stated that as the pandemic has affected everyone’s mental health, he wanted to place this sector in the forefront in order to guarantee a better quality of life for the people. Dr Grech said it was good for people to live and earn money, but added that money was not everything as it is important for people to live serenely and enjoy life.

Dr Grech added that the Nationalist Party is proposing the building of a new mental hospital close to Mater Dei in order to remove the stigma which he said is associated with Mount Carmel. The speaker further stated that besides rehabilitating the complex, the Nationalist Party is also looking at mental health care within the community.

Referring to the diabetes pilot project, the Opposition Leader said this was a project that improved the lives of those who had benefited from it, adding that for this reason, the Government should widen the project to enable more people with this condition to benefit as well.

Dr Grech concluded that the Nationalist Party is being strengthened and with every day that passes it is showing it can be an alternative Government, as the country needs a change.