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PM says the Government acted prudently and did not distribute everything in one go during the pandemic

Prime Minister and Labour Party Leader Robert Abela stated that in the nine months during which he has been leading the country, he presented four budgets with an injection of 2,700 million euro into the economy.

During a political activity in Rabat, Gozo, the Prime Minister declared that a total of 100,000 jobs had been saved, and Malta has the lowest rate of unemployment among countries in the euro zone.

The Prime Minister said that at a time of pandemic the Government presented the best budget in the country’s history. Dr Abela added that the Government had acted prudently and realised that the pandemic could go on for months, and for this reason decided to start off with full reserves and not to distribute everything in one go.

Dr Abela remarked that the budget is the result of the Government’s prudence in managing to save for difficult times. The Prime Minister said the pandemic had found the Government well prepared, and the financial packages were drawn up on the principle of incentivising people and businesses.

Dr Abela spoke about the Government’s vision for the next ten years, including the creation of new jobs in Gozo for the Gozitans. The Prime Minister said the Government’s work will remain based on dialogue with the people. Dr Abela referred to the big numbers of persons who congregated at St Julian’s Bay this week, and expressed his regret at these scenes. The Prime Minister reiterated that the situation is still under control, but warned that we cannot let our guard down.

Dr Abela expressed the view that people’s behaviour will determine whether the Government will have to increase restrictions or whether life will continue normally whilst safeguarding people’s health, and reminded that he has always insisted on a balance between the economy and health. The Prime Minister stressed, however, that this balance depended on everyone’s responsibility.

Dr Abela said the Government is prepared for any eventuality, but is also prepared for when a vaccination will be available in December and January, adding that Malta will be among the first to get it. The Prime Minister declared he will continue making decisions for the good of the people, and promised more work and commitment to the country, which he added will lead the Government in the coming months before an important electoral test.

Dr Abela said the Government will remain focused in the times ahead, adding that he feels that at a time of the greatest challenge, the people will show their best qualities.