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PM says unity will lead the country to its best times

On the occasion of the first 100 days of the new Labour Government, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat has stated that unity will lead the country to its best times. Dr Muscat said the work started during the previous legislature is to be continued under a united people in this legislature.

Dr Muscat added that during the first 100 days since he had again been given the mandate to serve as Prime Minister, the country continued moving forward with the same fast rhythm which has achieved so many results, and expressed the hope that more successes for the country would be achieved.

The Prime Minister stated that as soon as he had been given the mandate, Government started working immediately, and mentioned among others results obtained in the Maltese economy and within the civil rights sector.

Dr Muscat said the Budget for next year will be a very important step, through which the people will benefit and reap the results of Government’s efforts during the previous legislature.

Dr Muscat insisted that Government’s mission is to pave the way for the next generations by providing infrastructure, legislation, finances, civil rights, a social sector and all the necessary tools to enable them to work better in the future.