PM warns Opposition that “two can play that game” and insists he will defend each and every member of his group from senseless attacks

During the plenary of the Extraordinary General Conference, Prime Minister Robert Abela warned the Opposition that it would be defending each and every member of the parliamentary group and Cabinet from senseless attacks. He said that this was a Government that guaranteed stability and direction.

Prime Minister Robert Abela said that in recent months the Government had continued to show that it guarantees stability and direction unlike those who are only interested in who bedded whom. He argued that in contrast, the Labor Party always attacked the argument and not the person. Referring to the question posed by Government whip Glenn Bedingfield regarding a nationalist MP, or his relative, who owned the company Hummingbird Properties and whether business relations with Yorgen Fenech had been terminated after the latter was arraigned in Court, Dr Abela fired a clear warning shot to the Opposition.

“If you want to play that game, we don’t want to play that game, but if you take us in that direction, I assure you that we are able to play that game very well. In much the same way, I will be defending each and every member of my parliamentary group and cabinet, from meaningless attacks. ”

The Prime Minister said that on the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Labor Party, this party continued to change. He said it was easy to stay put but if no changes were made, it would stagnate. He said that among the changes he wanted from the Labor Party was that in addition to the distinction between government and party, the Labor Party should scrutinise the Government and not be afraid to say where it was right and where it was wrong. Robert Abela said the Government would also be considering ideas that could be controversial because he said that is what makes a party alive.

Dr Abela said that the Labor Party would continue to be based on young people and said that the area in which the Labor Party had certainly failed so far was that of female participation. He claimed that there were far too few women at the forefront of the Labor Party.

The Prime Minister said that at the level of Government, the country had gone through three very difficult months like the rest of the world. He said that like the rest of the world, Malta also felt the economic pinch, but said that Malta had been exemplary in terms of how it had handled in the pandemic.

Dr Abela said that the Venice Commission had given the Government a certificate of excellence and that the latest in the broken record technique by the doom merchants was that the country would not pass the Moneyval test. Prime Minister Abela said that in the same way that the country had got through the Venice Commission and the Coronavirus outbreak, it would also get through the Moneyval test.