PM: “We want to kickstart a discussion on a metro system for Malta”

The Prime Minister and Labour Party Leader Robert Abela said that in the coming weeks he would like to start a public consultation on a mass transportation (metro) system that works underground. Dr Abela said that this system could bring about a revolution in the way public transport works and invited people to give their opinion on whether they were willing to abandon the use of their private car and choose this type of transport.

At the end of a conference rally with the theme “Renewing Malta Together”, Dr Abela said that just as the country had made a leap in the economy, health and infrastructure, the next leap was to make Malta brighter and cleaner.

The prime minister argued that our lives were not only measured by material wealth but also by happiness and time spent with loved ones. He said the budget for next year would be aimed at a better quality of life. He said it would be tax-free, supportive of those who had fallen behind and would offer new hope to young people. It would also consist of increased pensions, more incentives for investment, more quality work and above all strengthen the environment.

He said that for the country to continue to renew itself, there had to be a serious discussion on electoral reform so that the choice would reflect the society in which we live. He said the Labour Party was not happy with winning by beating the opposing party, but wanted to effect changes that will have effects on future generations.

Dr Abela said that the Labour Party was constantly changing, and was the only united political force that could be pivotal and central to the country. He said that everyone had a role to play in Team Malta.

The Labour leader said that during the pandemic he had found a team of people with a backbone who rose to the occasion – experienced and competent politicians who have already made important decisions for the country. He pointed out that they did not take the easy path by waiting to see what others would do, but had showed that even a tiny island could be an example to the world.

Dr Abela said that there were only nine months remaining in this legislature and that a number of projects still had to be announced. In the words of Dr Abela, the Labour Party had gone through various experiences but had always put Malta before any other consideration. He described himself as a European democratic socialist who believed that no one should be allowed to fall behind. He said he believes in workers who, he said, are crucial to the country.

The Prime Minister spoke about the reforms that have been made which he said were reaping positive results. He added that he believed that if he wanted to serve he should not be afraid of any scrutiny by the institutions. He pointed out that the great steps taken were also recognized by the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen, who mentioned the progress made by Malta in sending a message to other countries to take a leaf out of our country’s book and work on their rule of law.