PM writes letter to EC President on importance of a single market for purchase of medicines

PM Robert Abela has written a letter to the European Commission President Charles Michel on the importance of having one market to purchase medicines which can benefit the patients and citizens of the EU.

Dr Abela said he hopes that this issue will be placed at the top of the agenda of discussion among European leaders. He said that the debate on the Covid-19 vaccine should be taken as an opportune moment to also discuss this shortcoming which is creating concerns among member states which are smaller and less rich than others.

The PM added that the access to medicines will always remain dependent on the financial viability of the pharmaceutical product in the market of each member state. He said that these markets have become a problem especially among small EU member states.

Dr Abela said that Big Pharma should have an obligation to create products around the whole of the EU within a reasonable time once the product enters the European market.