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Minister Camilleri says he will continue to shoulder responsibility in the sector

BirdLife Malta has said that the Prime Minister’s decision for the Hunting Regulator to fall under the Ministry for Gozo was diabolical. In a statement it condemned this decision which it said was purely electoral.

In a statement, Birdlife Malta said that it hoped that Prime Minister Robert Abela would address their environmental concerns and ensure that the hunting and trapping would fall under the Environment Ministry, and not under a lobby.

BirdLife Malta said that it wanted to remind the Prime Minister that Malta was facing infringement proceedings at EU level in relation to the decision to open its trapping season for song thrush and for its insistence to allows trapping for other species. It said that one hoped that the Prime Minister was well aware of the process of subjective decision making within the WBRU and the strong presence of hunters and trappers in this section. BirdLife urged Prime Minister to reconsider this decision and to put WBRU within the Ministry that best reflects and takes into account the nation’s environmental and makes the environment a priority.

On its part, the hunters’ federation FKNK described the appointment of Architect Camilleri as a continuity as he was already responsible for the sector. In a statement, the federation welcomed with satisfaction the Prime Minister’s decision giving the responsibility for sustainable hunting and trapping socio-cultural traditions to Minister Camilleri, who it said has practical and administrative experience in the sector on a local and European level.

The Nationalist Party, through deputy Jason Azzopardi, condemned in a statement what it described as the clandestine action of the Prime Minister by placing and hiding the responsibility of enforcement on hunting and trapping within the ministerial responsibility of the Gozo Minister. Dr Azzopardi said the Minister has vested interest as hunter to see that such enforcement is not carried out.

Speaking in Parliament, Minister Camilleri stated that he will continue shouldering responsibility for the sector as he did in recent years. He said that hunters and trappers know where they stand with this Government because he deceived them.

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