PN accuses Government of lack of planning on sexual health issues

The Nationalist Party has stated that the Government is not acknowledging the negative impact brought about by the lack of planning in the sexual health sector.

During a media conference  Opposition Spokesman for Health Dr Stephen Spiteri declared that this sector was again not mentioned in the budget for next year. Dr Spiteri added that the structures for measures and services in the sexual health sector lag behind by ten years and are not updated.

The spokesman stated that investment in financing and human resources is needed for the public to be served properly. Dr Spiteri said the increase in the number of sexually transmitted infections is alarming, and mentioned that just one GU clinic for the country cannot cope with a population of half a million.

Dr Spiteri said five cases of HIV are being registered every month, and appealed for an increase in education and prevention of sexually transmitted diseases. Candidates Emma Portelli Bonnici and Ivan Vassallo Hagi also took part in the media conference and spoke about how the Nationalist Party, with its proposals for this sector, is giving priority to investment to ensure sexual health services reflect the realities of the day.