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PN accuses Government with indifference towards evicted tenants – Government reacts

The Nationalist Party said that the Government is indifferent on the great trouble incurred by thousands of tenants who will be evicted from their homes.

Spokespersons Josan Azzopardi and Ivan Bartolo said in a statement that the Opposition had spoken on the same day that a sentence of eviction was given in the beginning of December, and invited the Government to rest the minds of thousands of tenants who will be affected by this situation.

Reacting, the Social Accommodation Ministry said in a statement that the Government is the only one who, with facts, is assisting those individuals who are in residential rents and were affected by the Court sentence.

It was remarked that the Government is assisting these families by providing them, among others, with a compensation due to the increase in rent, while the Housing Authority is closely following the cases and is drafting more measures in this regard.