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PN and MUT say security is needed in all schools

The Malta Union of Teachers President, Marco Bonnici, said that following the latest two cases of violence on educators, the Government is working on the implementation of a plan for greater security in schools.

Speaking during a meeting with Opposition and Nationalist Party leader, Mr Bonnici said that, however, the plan has a budget which covers security in only 10 schools. He added that last week there were four cases of assault in schools, with two of them that were not mentioned in the media. The union, he said, is also warning on the lack of educators which may affect schools in the next scholastic year.

Dr Delia stated that educators need the respect and support to carry out their work. He said that the fact that the Government appears to have no structured plan for the sector, further aggravates the situation. He expressed concern on the number of resignations from the profession and the lack of investment in education.

Dr Delia stated that the Government did not plan for the growth in population, which is leaving an impact on the education sector. The Nationalist leader said that other countries took more drastic measures to address the violence problem on teachers, and expressed the hope that action is taken so that the situation will not worsen.

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