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PN and the people are drawing up a policy for a nicer and better Malta – Dr Delia

Nationalist Party leader Adrian Delia stated that this week the Nationalist Party had proved it is a living and dynamic party which, together with the people, is drawing up a policy for a nicer and better Malta.

Interviewed on Net FM, Dr Delia declared that both in and out of Parliament, they had spoken in favour of the people’s health and environment and about Malta’s reputation, and reiterated that Government can no longer conceal the truth, as in the case of the Egrant report, adding that justice has to be done, as in the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia.

Dr Delia also mentioned that he had presented a motion in Parliament for the declaration of a national emergency about climate change. Dr Delia added that the Nationalist Party had made more than 15 proposals about the environment.

The PN leader stated that after the cry of Malta tagħna lkoll, a situation now prevails where everything is in the hands of an inner circle. Delia added that a few members of this clique, who are close to Castille, are taking over everything, mentioning as an example the former Labour Party Chief Executive James Piscopo who, after being vested with absolute power in the Lands Department, has also been appointed Chairman of ARMS.

The Nationalist leader stated that the chosen few are benefiting from more than one source, but there are no funds for teachers or for social housing. Dr Delia added that workers and the middle class are in the grip of a double vice, as salary increases are the lowest in the European Union whilst essential products are going up in price, and some 80,000 persons are on the brink of poverty. Dr Delia said he could not believe it when the Prime Minister states he is making the Maltese well off, when reality shows otherwise.

Referring to economic growth, Dr Delia said this is not translating into more wealth for the people, because in 2016 67% of workers had less spending power whilst food prices doubled and salaries only increased by 1.1%.

Referring to the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia, Dr Delia stated that the more time passes, the more truth is being stifled. The speaker added that two years after this murder, the mastermind or masterminds behind it are still not known. Dr Delia further stated that the people expect the public enquiry will enjoy the confidence of both the family and the country. The Nationalist leader spoke about the obligation to safeguard free speech in the country, which is a democratic right.


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