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“PN believes totally in the right to life without any distinction” – Adrian Delia

Nationalist Party leader Adrian Delia has stated that the association of the country with racism cannot be tolerated. In reference to the murder of Lassana Cisse, Dr Delia said society was undergoing drastic changes, including through racism which, he added, was slowly spreading its roots.

The Nationlist leader said the fact that everything indicates Lassane Cisse’s murder was racist-motivated is not acceptable. During a political activity in Siggiewi, Dr Delia stated that whilst the presumption of innocence should always be respected, the association of Malta with racism cannot be tolerated. The speaker added that society is changing and racism is taking root. Dr Delia emphasised that we are all humans, and skin colour should not make a difference. Dr Delia added that the Opposition had called for an autonomous independent inquiry in order to establish when and how the soldiers being accused of this crime joined the Armed Forces, and also whether this murder could have been avoided.

Dr Delia added that before all facts are clear, Government cannot exempt itself from every responsibility. The speaker added that it is also not acceptable for a spokesman for the Office of the Prime Minister to try and politicise a serious issue like this one. Dr Delia stated that in the face of all this, we cannot have a Prime Minister who states that Malta is a safe place, and invited the people to ask whether Malta is as safe as it was ten years ago.

Dr Delia stated that the Nationalist Party’s policy on immigration is to safeguard all fundamental human rights, act fairly towards those in need of protection, be firm with those who are not eligible foprotectionon, and harsh in regard to those who are exploiting vulnerable persons. The PN leader thanked the Armed Forces and the Police Corps who, he added, risk their lives on a daily basis and fight against the elements to rescue persons like us.

Dr Delia stated that this Government has lost its social soul and does not care about the 72,000 persons who are at risk of poverty, about youths who wish to purchase their own property, about pensioners who wish to lead a dignified life, about professionals who he said are facing difficulties because Malta’s reputation is being eroded. Dr Delia stated that the Labour Party has signed the European Socialists’ manifesto which says there should be one common tax system, thus putting many jobs in the country at risk.

In a message to voters who are still undecided about whether or not to vote, Dr Delia stated that those who do not vote will be saying ‘yes’ to a corrupt Government, a Government which does not care and which has sold off the hospitals, a Government which does not invest in education and which is ruining the country’s tax.

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