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PN board of ethics concludes that Hermann Schiavone did not breach party rules, Norman Vella resigns

MP Dr Hermann Schiavone is expected to be reinstated within the Nationalist Parliamentary group after last April he suspended himself amid a controversy which arose after he met up with Yurgen Fenech, who was the target of criticism over the offshore company, 17 Black.

A statement by the PN after a meeting of the Executive Committee said that the committee had accepted the recommendations of the ethics board which concluded that Dr Schiavone did not breach any instructions or party regulations and therefore it did not feel that it could recommend any procedures against him. The board said that it does not result that there were bad intentions and that this was a case of injustice.

This decision led to the former Nationalist candidate Norman Vella to resign as candidate, councillor and member of the party. On Facebook, Mr Vella expressed his anger at the party’s decision which he said goes against what he has always worked for, and what Nationalists voted for, when they voted for him two years ago. Mr Vella, at the same time  said he recognised that those who have been entrusted with leading the party and its organs have the right to take whatever decisions they feel are in the best interest of the party and the direction they want it to take.

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UPDATED: Hermann Schiavone suspends himself from PN Parliamentary Group

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