UPDATED: PN cancels this evening’s executive meeting about Adrian Delia and Jason Azzopardi

The Nationalist Party has cancelled the Executive meeting that was called for the evening, after PN MPs Adrian Delia and Jason Azzopardi issued a joint statement .

The meeting was expected to discuss the social media posts written by Nationalist MPs Jason Azzopardi and Adrian Delia, which may have been made in violation of the PN statue regulations.

On social media, Dr Azzopardi wrote that Vincent Borg was found guilty of defamation and fined € 1,000. Dr Azzopardi said that in a bid to see the Nationalist Party more united, he had forgiven Borg, who is a canvasser of Dr Delia.

Later, and by way of reaction to Azzoaprdi’s post, Delia asked Azzopardi a series of questions – among others, to state everything he had received in tax and to explain the extent and nature of his friendship with Yorgen Fenech’s family.

In a joint statement issued this evening by Dr Azzopardi and Dr Delia, it was stated the post set up by Jason Azzopardi was never intended to refer to Adrian Delia. The MPs said that they recognised each other respectively as politicians fully committed to the fight against corruption in public life, which according to them, was rife.

Jason Azzopardi also declared that Adrian Delia was not in the pocket of any businessman and fought corruption without fear or favour and that it did not result that hundreds of messages had been exchanged between Yorgen Fenech and Adrian Delia. The Nationalist MPs stated that they were fully committed to continue fighting together with the Nationalist Party as a whole, without fear or favour, so that the rule of law would reign in our country.

Meanwhile, you can listen to the comments of PN leader Bernard Grech, as well as Dr Azzopardi and Dr Delia, as they left the Dar Centrali: