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PN deputies says President had the duty to remove Dr Delia

The deputies, who stated that they have no confidence in Adrian Delia, said that they remain determined to bring the necessary change in the Nationalist Party and in the country.

They stated that, for the second time in a week, it was confirmed that Dr Delia no longer has the confidence of the absolute majority of members of the Nationalist Party parliamentary group, who want Therese Commodini Cachia as Opposition Leader.

The MPs added that the President had the duty to remove Dr Delia as Opposition Leader and instead appoint that person who enjoys the confidence of the majority of the Opposition deputies, according to the Constitution.

They stated that the President’s decision goes against what the opinion expressed by a number of constitutional experts, whose names are public and weren’t kept secret.

Meanwhile, Dr Commodino Cachia stated that she will remain determined to serve the country and the Nationalist Party, especially in the light of the unity which recently prevailed among the parliamentary group members and the hope, she said, was given by persons with their courageous step.

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