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“PN does not pretend to win the elections however it hopes for a respectable result” – Robert Arrigo

Nationalist Party deputy leader, Robert Arrigo, said that if figures of the voter turnout in the European Parliament election are correct, it appears that in certain predominantly nationalist districts there was less turnout than other districts.

Robert Arrigo noted that despite this, it is still early to say if this is an indication due to various factors, including the vote of 16-year olds and the increase in foreigners, who he said are new factors from the last election.

In comments to TVM, Arrigo stated that despite that the Nationalist Party wishes to achieve a better result than that of five years ago, he stressed that this is difficult for the Party because it is the underdog. He added that the Nationalist Party does not pretend to win the elections, however he hopes that it will be a respectable result for the party.

He said that if the gap is great it is bad for the Nationalist Party, saying that he thinks that the party worked well and carried out a good campaign.

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