PN Executive Committee also votes that it has no confidence in Adrian Delia

Following a meeting last night which lasted seven hours, the PN Leader Adrian Delia lost a confidence vote taken by the Executive Committee of the Nationalist Party.

The members of the Executive Committee, including the MEPs, took a secret vote on whether they had confidence in Adrian Delia as Leader of the Nationalist Party.

47 voted that they do not have any confidence in Delia, while 36 said that they still have confidence in him, with one person abstaining.

The meeting of the Executive Committee ended at around 2am this morning and shortly afterwards Adrian Delia gave comments to the journalists present, insisting that this vote should not lead to anything and that it was an internal vote within the structures of the Nationalist Party.

He said that whoever pushed for this motion knows what the statute says, that you cannot have a vote of confidence in the Leader less than two years after a vote has already been taken.

“Our statute explains this clearly. This vote has no consequence according to our statute, so whoever held this vote did so simply to make a statement,” Dr Delia said.

The members of the PN Executive Committee began gathering shortly before 7pm outside of the party headquarters, where a number of police and security officers were also present.

Some Nationalist Party supporters also started gathering as time went on.

As they entered, hardly anyone gave any comments to the press, except for former PM Lawrence Gonzi who said that he had already said in public what he had to say, and Therese Comodini Cachia who said that she will continue to work for the unity of the party.

During the same meeting of the Executive committee, the appointments to the Electoral, Data and Records Commission and the Ethics, Discipline and Social Media Commission were approved.

The two new commissions are part of a reform which was launched by the PN over the last few months and emerge from the new statute which was approved at the last General Council.

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