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“PN humbly accepts this result and needs to learn from it” – Clyde Puli

The PN Secretary General Clyde Puli said that the PN humbly accepts this result and needs to learn from it for the future to represent the aspirations of the people in the best way.

In a comment to TVM, Clyde Puli said that the result is a strong message from the people and confirms the result of the last general election. He said that this means despite the opinion polls which were quoting a loss of 65,000- 80,000 votes, it appears that in the last few weeks the PN began to settle down and take on a new dynamic, which has led to the Party to be stabilised. He said that this was an encouraging element which can help for the future.

Speaking about the fourth seat,  Clyde Puli said that indications show that the PL will be winning the fourth seat without a quota. He said that in the last MEP elections, the PN had won the third seat without a quota and had won it with a transfer of votes.

Questioned about whether the results mean the beginning of the end for PN Leader Adrian Delia, Clyde Puli said that Dr Delia was crystal clear when he said that he became Leader through the votes of the card-carrying members to lead the PN until the next general elections and he has confirmed several times that this is what he intends to do.

He said that this was an election for the European Parliament and local councils and therefore it needs to reflect on the work of the PN in the Euro Parliament and local councils.

He added that the contest between Adrian Delia and Joseph Muscat will be in the 2022 general elections.

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