PN insists that post of CEO within Police Force cannot be abolished by Minister; Ministry reacts

The Nationalist Party said that it is astonishing how over the last few days the Police Commissioner, in agreement with the Home Affairs Minister, Byron Camilleri announced that the post of CEO within the Police Force will be abolished, despite the fact that it is established by law that this role can only be changed by Parliament.

In a statement, MPs Beppe Fenech Adami and Karol Aquilina told the Commissioner and the Minister that they need to abide by the law and if the Minister has changed his mind about this role, he should put forward a Bill in Parliament.

In his reaction, the Minister for Home Affairs and National Security reminded the PN that over the last few months a strategy has been underway to transform the Police Force with the help of European funds, which as soon as it is presented will lead to measures being taken according to what has been suggested and agreed upon.

The Ministry said that when and if required the necessary parliamentary discussions will take place.  The Ministry added that it respects the institutions and does not need any lessons from Opposition spokespersons.