“PN is adapting and changing to welcome everyone” – Dr Bernard Grech

Opposition and Nationalist Party leader Bernard Grech said that the party needs to draft a new page of a policy of humility, seriousness and that builds everything on the skills of the Maltese and their confidence in the country. Speaking at the start of the PN’s general council, Dr Grech said that Malta’s name was respected through the Nationalist Party.

The first session of the party’s general council, which continues for eight days, was held at the Citadel in Rabat, Gozo.

Dr Grech stated that the Nationalist Party is ready to adapt with humility and to change in order to welcome everyone. He added that the party is the only way that things may be changed and invited those who love the country, Nationalist or not, to join him for the work in favour of the nation.

He said that the Government tried to give the impression that with Malta in the grey list of FATF, business was as usual, however he maintained that 80% of Maltese businesses are concerned that they will be negatively affected.

On the pandemic, the Nationalist leader said that the country remained with the same mechanisms that last year badly affected the summer season for restaurants and hotels. The last measures announced by the Government, he added, oblige the presentation of the vaccine certificate which makes it impossible to travelers with small children to come to Malta. He said that the Nationalist Party will present such cases directly to authorities in order to find a practical solution.

Dr Grech said that the PN’s priority in Gozo is health and, among others, mentioned that it will see that the helicopter service will be direct from Gozo hospital to Mater Dei.

The Nationalist leader added that it is possible that the road of reason is found, which he said was lacking, and to find a balance between the environment and development. He stated that last week, PBS was condemned by the Broadcasting Authority for ignoring balance in the news and did not broadcast the PN’s right of reply.

Dr Grech urged people to join the Nationalist Party in his call against what he described as the Labour Party’s arrogance and power.