“PN is genuine and has no stains with which it has tarnished Malta’s reputation” – PN Leader

Opposition and Nationalist Party Leader Bernard Grech has stated that the Nationalist Party is genuine and has no stains with which it has tarnished Malta’s reputation.

Interviewed on NET FM, Dr Grech declared that although the road is uphill because the Government is taking advantage of incumbency, the Nationalist Pary is capable, if given the people’s trust, of leading the country to its second freedom, this time not from the British Services but from criminals who, he added, had taken over the Labour Party and Malta.

Dr Grech stated that the report of the public inquiry into the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia gave the final rubber stamp that the Government had used the institutions that are supposed to be there to protect the people, to control the information, investigation, and prosecution, or so that those who had to be arrested were helped to evade justice.

During the telephone link-up Dr Grech stated that in light of this, a climate of impunity had been created, explaining this as a case of someone feeling comfortable doing what they wanted as the Government was providing protection. The speaker added that the Government had created a climate where criminals worked unhindered in order to kill a person.

The Nationalist Leader said the Government should not continue to hinder the media or use public money to control or manipulate it. Dr Grech called for full freedom for those who want to investigate and impart news to be able to do so at all times, saying the people had a right to all the truth.

Referring to the inquiry’s recommendations regarding journalism, Dr Grech said he wanted to see journalists safeguarded and journalism accorded the respect and dignity it deserves, as it is part of democracy.

The Opposition leader said the Nationalist Party’s message was not being delivered properly, among others through the national broadcaster, adding that reporting in the news was being manipulated because according to him, the Government is taking over the national station with persons he described as being close to the Labour Party. Dr Grech added he is reserving the right to take any action to ensure the Opposition’s message reaches the people.

The Nationalist leader referred to what Mark Laurence Zammit had written on social media, saying he was going to stop presenting his “L-Erbgħa Fost il-Ġimgħa” programme because of what Zammit described as interference in what he wished to do.

Asked about ongoing renewal in the Nationalist Party, Dr Grech said this process did not stop with persons, but rather, worked on ideas, style, politics and attitude, saying he wanted the Party’s heart to beat as one with the people without looking down on anyone.