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PN launches electoral campaign “Together for Our Country”

The Nationalist Party has launched its campaign for European Parliament and local council elections with the theme “Together for Our Country”.

At the launch of the campaign, Nationalist Party Leader Adrian Delia said that in the coming electoral election, the PN could change the country’s direction and combat the government’s arrogance – a government that refuses to listen. Dr. Delia said that this would be the first step and that in the coming years the PN would strengthen itself and present itself as a serious alternative to the government.

Dr Delia said the government had forgotten patients at Mount Carmel Hospital because it was not investing in this institution. He alleged that some patients there were living in conditions that were deplorable and shameful.

Dr. Delia said that people were paying the price of rampant development in Malta with polluted air that was resulting in deaths every year. He said that the environment has never been as bad as it is today and that the PN will be studying modern systems of transport which do not pollute.

Dr. Delia said the government could not keep on increasing economic growth by increasing the population because this was putting a strain on the country’s infrastructure and was therefore unsustainable. While acknowledging that it was good to welcome foreigners to our shores, Dr. Delia said the government must be careful not to import slavery.

The PN Leader spoke about Malta’s reputation and said that one report after another had confirmed that the Government had ridden roughshod over our institutions. He said that the Government had lost its social conscience and no longer represented the vulnerable: democracy was under threat and this was detrimental to Malta.

Dr. Delia said that the PN candidates for the European Parliament will be defending Malta’s name – not the Government’s, while the Nationalist councilors will lead by example from the Opposition benches.

Dr Delia said that this could only be achieved by working together for the country.

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