PN leader: “A PN government would attract Tech giants”

Opposition and PN Leader Bernard Grech said that a Nationalist Party in Government would work for the country to attract technology giants. At the end of activities organised to mark Independence Day held at the Floriana Granaries, Dr Grech said that Malta must attract a strong interest of foreign investors which is why the Nationalist Party would work to bring to Malta companies such as Google, Facebook and Apple.

The Nationalist Leader invited Prime Minister Robert Abela to choose a place, time and moderator for both leaders to be able to hold a debate. He said he was not afraid to confront and challenge ideas. Dr Grech promised that a Nationalist Government would protect Government workers and would not dismiss anyone. He said that in order to protect private work, there needs to be a Government that puts Malta on the right track. He claimed that from the Opposition benches the Nationalist Party was showing its willingness to lead which is why the Government had taken decisions after the Nationalist Party made proposals. He mentioned that it was thanks to the Nationalist Party that changes were made and Deputy Prime Minister Chris Fearne reversed the hotel quarantine decision. Dr Grech also said the vouchers proposal was an idea credited to ​​the Nationalist Party which the Government had first mocked and then copied. He went on to say that the Minister of Energy Miriam Dalli had now agreed with the Nationalist Party that the country needs to have a second interconnector with Sicily.

On the environment, the Nationalist Leader said that a Nationalist Government would protect agricultural land and the Maltese countryside and would double the capping of the VAT exemption from 30,000 euros to 60,000 euros. He also spoke about increasing the salary of educators and putting forward proposals for nurses. Dr Grech insisted that under a PN government the sick would not need to beg for money and that it would work for Malta to have a cancer research centre. On Gozo, the Opposition Leader reiterated that he would build a helipad on the hospitals in Gozo and Malta and would also create private work in Gozo.

On the subject of broadcasting, Dr Grech said that a Nationalist Government would regain the independence of national broadcasting. He also pointed out that Prime Minister Robert Abela had pretended to accept the public inquiry into the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia, but had stopped short of taking action against Rosianne Cutajar, Carmelo Abela and Edward Zammit Lewis. He said that this was symptomatic of a weak Prime Minister who perpetuates the climate of impunity. The Nationalist Leader asked how Dr Abela could understand the Maltese people when he himself was privileged and did not have to work tooth and nail like most Maltese. Dr Grech said that unlike Dr Abela, he did not have his hands tied when it came to the greylisting and said that he was only obliged to the people.

Dr Grech appealed to anyone who wanted real change to support the Nationalist Party.