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PN Leader reveals he has requested a Magisterial Inquiry into allegations about him

Nationalist Party Leader Adrian Delia said that nothing will stop him continuing his fight against corruption and revealing how institutions have been dominated by the Government. Dr Delia said that those that espouse the truth need not fear anybody. He revealed he has requested a Magisterial Inquiry to establish if there is a link between documents with false signatures and allegations that exist in an FIAU report that concerns him.

The Opposition Leader declared that no lies, spin or intimidation in his regard will stop him from stating the whole truth about corruption in Castille and about the manner in which institutions have been taken over by Government.

Addrssing a political activity in Mellieha, Dr Delia stated that FIAU documents had been leaked over the same days when Government had to implement reforms that both the Opposition and the Venice Commission had asked him to carry out, including removal of the Attorney General’s double function.

Dr Delia added that if Government thought it could intimidate him, it was wrong. The speaker added that he himself had called for an investigation, and an investigating Magistrate had already been appointed.

The Nationalist Leader stated he had given evidence that his signatures had been falsified and would ensure the truth would emerge, whilst alleging this was being done to silence the Nationalist Party. The speaker added that every time Goverment finds itself with its back to the wall because of cases of corruption, these allegations are made against him. Dr Delia stated that as a result of these attacks against him and his family, he was even more convinced that he was fighting for what is right and for democracy.

The Nationalist Leader declared that he had raised the point, during the meeting in Brussels of the European Popular Party, that the manifesto of the European Socialist Party is pushing in favour of abortion. Dr Delia stated that the Nationalist Party was, is and will remain pro-life, and thus against abortion. Delia alleged there is clearly a threat from the Labour Party in this regard, adding that it is up to the Nationalist Party to safeguard life.

Dr Delia pointed out that European Union statistics show Malta is among the countries where there has been the least increase in salaries whilst the cost of living has gone up. The Maltese worker, the speaker added, is caught up in a vice, with static salaries and prices on the increase. The Nationalist leader added that rentals are also going up, and asked where Maltese youths would end up living.

Dr Delia stated that Finance Minister Edward Scicluna had a report from the European Commission which informed him Government was not doing enough to fight corruption, has not spent any surplus funds on infrastructure, and unbridled development is causing problems.

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