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PN Leader says Gozo is not a priority for the Government

The Leader of the Nationalist Party Adrian Delia said that, for this Government, Gozo is not a priority.

Speaking at a political activity in Nadur, Gozo last night, Dr Delia said that there is a strong contrast between the investment carried out by the Nationalist Government over the years, which always considered Gozo a jewel.

He said that in the last Budget, the Government did not even bother to make a specific allocation of funds for Gozo and instead mentioned a list of projects which have been promised by this Government for several years.

Dr Delia said that the Government also stripped much-needed funds away from the local councils in Gozo.  Referring to the connectivity between the islands, the PN had made it clear that until long-term solutions are implemented, there also need to be immediate solutions for Gozitans.

He asked why the Government had stopped the ferry which used to carry merchandise. Dr Delia said that now, one week before the elections, the Government has found a fourth ferry which he described as the oldest vessel among those which are currently being operated by the Gozo Channel. He said that this was disrespectful to Gozitans.

On the other hand, the PN wants Gozo to be a region and is proposing solutions for connectivity between the two islands. Dr Delia said that it was shameful that a Gozitan earns €2,300 less per year for the same work carried out by a Maltese. He said that the PN is committed to stopping this practice.

Turning to the report published by the Council of Europe he said that the conclusions have condemned Malta’s name. He said that this report says that the rule of law in our country is being seriously threatened because there are grave weaknesses in the country’s leadership.

Dr Delia said that this is the situation this Government has brought the country into and an inquiry is going to be held about our country. He added that with Saturday’s vote, people can show that they care about Malta’s reputation and that they do not want evil to reign.

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