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PN Leader says MEPs need to help businesses obtain European funds

The Nationalist Party Leader Adrian Delia said that finally the Finance Minister Edward Scicluna has realised that Malta is not prepared for the development which is taking place and that problems are heading our way. During a political activity in Ta’ Xbiex, Dr Delia said that this was confirmation that the Government has no plan and that the time has come for the economy to slow down.

The PN Leader said that it is unbelievable for the Labour Party to be pointing its fingers towards the Nationalist Party that it is not respecting democracy in the country and that that it was going to deny more than 100,000 people the right to vote. He said that the party which is criticising is the same party which never believed in local councils, and which two years ago had stopped the local council elections.

He referred to Workers’ Day and said that after visiting several small businesses over the last few months, now he is meeting with large businesses to listen to the difficulties faced by employers. He added that an example of what is commemorated on 1 May is how workers and Maltese businesses have not only managed to survive following membership in the EU but have also managed to enter the Common Market.

He said that the next step is for MEPs to help Maltese businesses obtain European funds to continue to develop and overcome what he described as digital barriers which are preventing them from growing.

Dr Delia said that while the PN recognises its own limitations and is starting from scratch, the next step will be to provide concrete proposals by means of which they can obtain people’s respect. He added that in the May elections, the PN wants to change the attitude of the Government which he said has forgotten the Maltese and Gozitans.

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