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PN leader says PM appointed Lawrence Cutajar as consultant to resign as Commissioner

Nationalist Party leader, Adrian Delia, alleged that the Prime Minister gave former Police Commissioner Lawrence Cutajar a consultancy contract to convince him to resign as Commissioner. Speaking on Saturday evening at Ta’ Sannat, Dr Delia stressed on the need of a Police reform so that the Force will regain the confidence, first in Malta and then abroad.

He maintained that the Prime Minister’s proposed method for the appointment of a new Commissioner changes nothing from the current situation, adding that the Opposition bill reflects the recommendation of the Venice Commission.

Referring to the former Commissioner’s consultancy contract, the Opposition Leader criticised the Prime Minister that despite saying that he is a serious Prime Minister, he negotiated with the person who covered criminals and thanked them.

Dr Delia said the need for the Police Force reform is clear even in the light of the recent revelation on former deputy commissioner Silvio Valletta, who was a friend of the alleged mastermind of Daphne Caruana Galizia murder. He also referred to Court testimony of former FIAU director, Manfred Galdes, who he said had lost confidence in every one and that, despite he presented reports to the Police Commissioner, no action had been taken.

The nationalist leader argued that the Government does not want to strengthen parliamentary democracy. He said that the Nationalist Party objected to the Parliament budget because the majority of funds will be taken by the Government and when the Opposition requested more funds in order to scrutinize the Government, deputies attacked him as Leader of the Opposition.

Dr Delia added that the Government spent millions to project Malta as a blockchain island and Silvio Schembri, who was responsible for the sector, bankrupted the government and was given a promotion. He said that Parliamentary Secretary Clayton Bartolo ended Adrian Hillman’s contract because he said this was a bad contract, given by Silvio Schembri.

He called on the Prime Minister to say how much he earned from contracts and direct orders that his legal firm took when he was still deputy and who is benefiting now.

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