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PN leader says that Magistrate has accepted his request to testify before him

The Leader of the Oppostion and of the Nationalist Party, Simon Busuttil said that on Thursday afternoon he was informed that Magisrate Aaron Bugeja who is leading the Egrant inquiry had accepted his request to give sworn testimony before him and that he would be presenting new evidence on Friday morning.

This development took place shortly after Dr Busuttil submitted a court application to present evidence which he says he has about the alleged money-laundering of Keith Schembri and Adrian Hillman.

During a political activity in Nadur, Dr Busuttil said that whoever chooses the Labour Party would be voting for the PM’s Chief of Staff, Keith Schembri. He said that with the ongoing invesetigation it is not just the Prime Minister and Keith Schembri whose names are being smeared, but Malta’s name as well.

He said that the financial services, gamiing and IT employ 22,000 people who all depend on the country’s reputation. Dr Busuttil said that the day after the elections, these companies will decide whether to remain in Malta or not.

He said that during the last elections, the PN had learnt to be closer to the people, adding that contact with the public had been lacking. He pointed out that the electoral programme designed specifically for Gozo was a result of the lessons they had learned.

Among the things he mentioned was that a couple which starts a family in Gozo will be given 10k Euro with the aim of helping to increase the Gozitan population. He said that a Nationalist Government would allocate €3 million a year for this initiative which means that 300 families a year would benefit. He said that over a period of five years this would mean an investment of 15 million Euro.

He also that that the PN would allocate 60 million Euro for four arterial roads which from Zebbug, Marsalforn, Nadur and Xagħra lead to Rabat. He said that apart from this, the residential roads which have been promised will be built.

The Nationalist Leader said that if he is in Government he will see what progress has been made on the study to build the Gozo tunnel and he would ensure that work is started right away. He also said that the Gozo Minister will have a regional council to assist him while the Minister will go to the Gozo General Hospital and take it back from private industry. Speaking about the contract which exists between the Government and VGH, Dr Busuttil said that he would ask the Attorney General to release the Government from this contract.